Changes in Human genes and Technological changes operate on varying timescales — time and again ripping apart our social fabric.

Pace of Genetic Changes

Usain Bolt will never outrun a healthy cheetah on track. Even after a million generations of selective breeding for speed, none of his progeny might. …

At about 11 AM Eastern Time, a cheer went up all around Atlanta’s gentrified residential neighborhood, as Biden crossed the magic number after 4 days of suspense.

Sure, the hatred for Donald Trump brought together vastly different groups of people. …

Having the craftsmanship, dedicating it to a social cause, and above all, doing so while staring death in the face, is what makes this man The Superhero to inspire an entire generation. The characters and the outfits were just the packaging.

So, viruses can be so elusive coz they mutate (suck at copying themselves correctly). Now that I think about it, I am not sure who did a worse job with copying a successful model - the coronavirus itself, or America’s response to the coronavirus. Either way, most Americans are fucked.

Every time there is a space mission — excitement spreads via news reports, youtube videos, etc. Suddenly, everyone is a rocket scientist explaining the spacecrafts’ designs. It is very common to hear: “…It is built to survive the harsh conditions of space…”.

But harsh doesn’t mean ‘bad’, right? It is…

So many Human Beings think that pondering over the purpose of life is a fundamentally “deep” question. A lot of philosophy and politics seek out followers by trying to answer that very question. Hence, we often hear such followers claiming that “It gives purpose to [their] life”.

Before I say…

Nishant Boddupalli

Tech Nerd

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